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Telling the Truth

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I just finished reading a hard-to-find memoir about Anandamayi Ma by Shraddha, a Western devotee. The memoir is called In Her Perfect Love.

Ma once said to Shraddha:

Tell what you know to be truth–worldly truth. This is necessary to attain divine truth.

Why should we tell the truth? Why is this necessary?

Tantrik sadhana works by having us “become Realized” right away in our everyday conduct. This is not some airy fairy “spiritual” behavior. We become Realized by working with our habits of eating, sleeping and movement. We become Realized by recalibrating our activities so that they are more in line with the life process in its expanded expressions.

Learning to tell the truth in a worldly sense is part of this “becoming Realized” practice.

Learning to tell the truth involves honest self-reflection. First we have to recognize when we are not telling the truth. We have to recognize when we are lying, exaggerating, cheating, stealing, seducing, building ourselves up or tearing ourselves down, making promises we don’t keep, or treating others with lack of consideration out of self-interest and defensiveness.

Learning to tell the truth involves developing discrimination. We learn to drill down past our surface behavior and into our karmic patterns to see them for what they really are: expressions of loneliness and fear.

Learning to tell the truth means first and foremost being able to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves. Learning to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves is being responsible. Real Tantrik practice begins with being responsible.

When we are able to discover the truth about our real-life situation, even if we don’t like some of what we find, then we have our foundation. We can begin having an authentic spiritual life. We can begin to work on a deeper level with a teacher. We can stop blaming other people, our childhood, our job, some circumstance or ourselves. We can consciously participate in the life process of Self-realization.

This telling the truth about ourselves leads us toward discovering the fullness of Reality: the world Self. Then we discover the light that is and that shines in everything.

Telling the truth about ourselves is not a matter of morality or ethics. When we tell the truth about ourselves and take responsibility for our real situation, we are actually practicing being that light of pure awareness. We are practicing being our true, Realized Self.

In Ma’s love,

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