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Hello, Precious Self

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Some years ago, I started a practice of writing “Hello, Precious Self” at the start of every email or letter.

I got the idea from Swami Sivananda who addressed letters with “Blessed Self.”

Of course, the “Self” here is the world Self, of which all of our limited self-experiencings are an expression.

Tantrik practice is all about remembering Self.

On one level, this is “Guru Yoga.” Why? Because Guru is our main gateway to remembering that the entire world is Self.

We relax, as best we can, into the more enlightened condition of Guru. We join with Guru.

Doing so, we encounter our Self. There are many ways to enter into Guru yoga, but the pith is the same: transmission and remembering the transmission.

When I write “Hello, Precious Self,” I am practicing Guru yoga. I am deepening remembrance and relaxing in that.

Some students, over time, have also written to me “Hello, Precious Self.” But then, as happens, they experience some day when they are angry with me, or feeling some tension, and they stop writing “Hello, Precious Self.” Then, some other day, they start up again.

Doing a practice without correct View usually means that whether one is being nice or not, fixation is still being expressed. Good teachers know when this is happening and try to help the student to Self-recognize.

Sometimes I feel irritation, or I am just experiencing some other tension.  I  might have the urge to start my letter to a person in a different way!

But because I have practiced for a relatively long time, and have worked with transmission, I can use the practice of “Hello, Precious Self,” as a way to Self-recognize no matter what other tensions are arising.

One time recently, I told a person that “Hello, Precious Self” is a good practice for me. He was upset because he didn’t want it to be a practice. He wanted it to be something I said only for his sake.

But it is neither a practice just for myself, nor just for others. It is an expression of the non-difference between those.

“Hello, Precious Self” helps me to enter into the natural devotion of Self to itself. Some people can feel that devotion, and I am relaxing and realizing more at the same time.

In Ma’s love,


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