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  • Living Tantra News

    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

    Precious Selves,

    After posting more than 200 articles about Tantra, the site format has made a successful move to a question and response format–an online satsang. So send your questions and keep checking back to see what emerges fresh and new on Living Tantra.

    If you are interested in starting a practice, or deepening the practice you already have, visit the Jaya Kula site and check out our offerings in Portland, Oregon.

    Many students, both in Portland and elsewhere, are discovering and benefiting from the teachings and sustaining presence of my Guru, Sri Anandamayi Ma. Recently, I added the Anandamayi Ma Resource Portal, and it quickly has become one of the most popular Living Tantra “destinations.”

    Please feel free to write to me with comments, concerns, and of course, with questions. Or just come on over to Portland and discover for yourself what’s going on.

    In Ma’s love,

  • Welcome to Living Tantra

    Sunday, July 29th, 2007

    Many new people are visiting Living Tantra these days. If this describes you, welcome! Here is a brief introduction to help you get oriented.

    The Tantrik tradition is ancient and vast. It includes everything from hatha yoga to ritual, mantra, the life science of Ayurveda, kriya yoga, Guru yoga, meditation, and many other practices integrated into everyday life.

    Here in the West, Tantra has often been reduced and refashioned into some techniques to help people have more enjoyable sex. In India, Tantra is often equated with magic.

    Living Tantra is an attempt to give contemporary people a gateway to the authentic, living traditions of Self-realization that are the real glory of Tantra. I invite you to explore for yourself this beautiful, human path to discovering life’s infinite potential.

    This site contains a large number of resources for those who wish to learn about authentic Indian Tantra and related traditions in Buddhism and Daoism. On the Resource page, accessible from the top menu, you will find many free, downloadable articles that can further introduce you to Tantra, in addition to the main posts, now numbering more than 150.

    Again, welcome! We’re glad you are here.

    In Matriseva,

    P.S. Here are some links to posts to get you started.

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